Environmental Guard Computing Labs

Using advances in artificial intelligences and machine learning for a safer tomorrow.

What we do

Here at EGC Labs we use machine learning and state of the art statistical analysis techniques to inform, advise and alert multiple stackholders about the water quality in large populated areas.

Data analysis

By leveraging open source and privately-owned data sets, we can draw conclusions with a real impact for our business partners. Furthermore, these insights mined from these precious data sources allow us to provide solutions to hindering environmental issues.

Software development

Personally, developed based on our users' needs and specifications, our software solutions are easy to use, well documented and reliable.

AI training

Using the latest development toolsets and data available, our AIs are constantly improving in order to provide accurate and reliable results.

Knowledge dissemination

By taking advantage of our vast expertise in machine learning, data analysis and software development, we are committed to provide the population with tools to better understand the environment they are living in.

AI Solutions

Our software and analytical solutions are leveraging big datasets and machine learning to solve combined sewer overflow issues. These combined sewer overflow (CSO) events are due to the combined volume of rainwater or ice-melt, domestic sewage and industrial wastewater entering sewer systems at the same time and maxing out their volumetric capacity.


KEOONIK is a platform where people from different municipalities partnering with EGC Labs have access to an interactive map showing the risks of sanitary sewage overflow into clean water. Furthermore, advice are provided to minimize the risks related to sewage overflow.


KRAKEN allows partner cities to access deeper analysis and weekly or monthly reports on their sewage overflow conditions depending on their needs. By choosing Kraken, cities will be able to better control and address their sewage overflow problem or other related environmental issues.

Yacine Mahdid

Chief Research and Development Officer (CRDO)

Yacine Mahdid is a graduate student at McGill University trained in computational neuroscience (B.A.Sc.) with a specialization in machine learning. He is also the lead developer of several research grade softwares, like EEGapp; an automated pipeline for electroencephalographic data analysis, Biomusic; an Android platform allowing non-communicative individuals to express themselves using their physiological signals and BCIapp; a transcranial direct-current stimulation compatible brain computer interface. His research and industrial interest lies in using cutting edge advance in machine learning to create tools that are intuitive to use in order to solve hindering problems at the individual and societal level.

Félix Bélisle-Dockrill

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Félix Bélisle-Dockrill is a third year student at ÉTS university in mechanical engineering. He also studied anthropology at Université de Montréal for a year. Currently working at Bombardier as an intern in project management, he is really interested by human interactions and problem solving. He discovered hackathons this year and Aquahacking is his third one. Always finishing among the finalists with his team, he is really excited about the upcoming final in October.

Riad Mahdid

Software Engineer

Riad Mahdid graduated from Université de Montréal in Communication and Politics with a specialization in geopolitics and psychopolitics. Riad Mahdid is an autodidact that learned programming by doing personal and freelance projects. He uses his technical knowledge within his field of study to analyse and resolve problems in a sustainable way. His main interest being in developing solutions, software or process, to enact real change in the world. He's currently partnering with NAFSO in Sri Lanka to integrate software solutions around the water problems faced by the underprivileged coastal population in face of water pollution and waste management.

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