The EGC Labs team is a multidisciplinary team that was created in April 2018 during the Mission Hack hackathon. Hackathons are programming competitions usually lasting around 48 hours. During this short period of time, the teams are expected to create a prototype which will offer a solution to one of the problems submitted by the hosts of the hackathon. Finishing among the finalists for that competition, the passionate members of the team then decided to participate to the HackQc 2018 competition. The theme was oriented towards the green community and the urban environment while using datasets that was provided by Données Québec.

Over the weekend, the members of EGC labs built the prototype of what is Keoonik today, a platform on which the inhabitants of different municipalities partnering with EGC Labs can have access to an interactive map showing the risk of combined sewer overflow in drinking water. With that prototype, the EGC Labs team finished among the 5 finalists out of the 20+ teams that participated. They also won one of the 4 special prizes (water prize) with a 1,000$ grant and a spot for the AquaHacking semi-finals.

During the semi-finals in Toronto, teams from all over Canada and the north of the United States tried to win one of the 5 spots that would allow them to participate to the grand finale. For the semi-finals, EGC Labs perfected its solution and developed Kraken, which allows cities to access in-depth analysis and daily or weekly reports depending on their needs. In this manner, they managed to qualify for the finals taking place on October 25th, 2018.

None of this would have been possible our partners' support. We would like to thank ÉTS, Ville de Montréal, AquaHacking, the Gaspé Beaubien foundation and the government of Québec.